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Calling all SALON OWNERS!

Salon Sampler Kitz are available in ESSENTIALS (Black, white, silver & gold) in either matte or gloss finish (you choose) and in NEONS (Black, Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Yellow) also in either matte or gloss finish - with a selection of Headbandz, Ponyz and Scrunchiez to make a super-set of accessories for your team to try out. 

Alternatively, let us know if you wish to BUILD YOUR OWN which allows you to choose your own mix of 35 different products from the range in the colour(s) and finish you want - ideal for building your own salon style via accessories worn as part of the uniform of your team.

We are seeking the first 50 salons to work with across the UK, so if your salon wants to be a part of this exciting opportunity (and you want details of terms and conditions applicable to this offer) then go ahead and register your interest, without obligation, via the Contact Us form on this website!

The benefits*;

- A new product and profit opportunity; each trade discounted KITZ comes with a Salon RRP List to your email

- Team up with a cool new hair accessory brand and receive regular trend image updates to use in your salon

- In-person training, support, tips & tricks for salon staff members from Andy Smith

- Enhance your staff uniform and salon image by introducing your brand colours

- Novel way to provide an added service to your clients and earn from both online and in-salon retail sales

- Future salon staff incentives and competitions to participate in photoshoots etc.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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